Chili Dan has been known to put away a bowl or
two of chili, and especially during football season.  
An award-winning burger chef, he has also
ventured into the world of competition chili
cook-offs.  When not roaming around posting
Bears notes on this blog or that, he manages
fantasy football teams and baseball team, though
not always to the same degree of success as the

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Chili Dawn loves to cook and has been known to stay up at night thinking up new CHILI RECIPES for our
website.  An award-winning barbecue sauce maker, she's the no-question-about-it brains behind the entire
chili empire.  An avid Chicago Bears fan, she lost her voice for days after screaming during the first 14
seconds of Super Bowl XLI as Devin Hester schooled the Colts in how to return a kickoff.  In her spare time,
she hangs out either at the farmer's market or with Dan and Teddy.  

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Chili Dan
Chili Dawn
The Chili Squad
At Chicago Football Chili, there is a new chili for every game.  For every team.  And probably more than one
way to get it right.  We see the big picture.  And we see it in High Definition and on a large screen.  And in it,
there's a lot of good chili and one more win for the home team.

Eat up, people.  It's Gametime!
Teddy is a good chili taste tester and loves to bob and weave on the field. He's a little afraid of the
referee's whistle, but has come a long way in his football fandom. Now he doesn't hide under the bed
during the games!