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Around the League
Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Chorizo Chili Cheese Crisp
Arizona Chili
Supermarket Bag Boy Chili

Atlanta Falcons
Double Jack and Coke
Chili Fried Chicken Chili
Chipotle Peach Chicken Chili

Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Crab Cake Chili

Carolina Panthers
Carolina Shrimp Boil Chili
Carolina Q Chili

Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati 5-Way Bay of Bengal Chili

Cleveland Browns
Dawg Pound Chili
Mangini Maniacs

Detroit Lions
Biggest Losers
Chipotle Buffalo Edsel Chili
Mow Down Motown
Road Warrior
Spinach ArtichokeSpinach Artichoke
Green Bay Packers
Lords of the Ring
Beer and Brats
Cheddarhead Cheeseburger
Best of the Wurst
Lambo Leap

Houston Texans
Houston Gulf Heat

Indianapolis Colts
Hoosier Hash

Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Black Bean Chili

Minnesota Vikings
Purple Reign Salmon Chili Hot Dish
Mary’s Dinner Party
Enchilada Suiza Hot Dish

New Orleans Saints
Chili Benedict Brunch
Bourbon Street Chili

Philadelphia Eagles
Balboa Sausage and Pepper Chili
Philly Cheesesteak Chili
Pittsburgh Steelers
Mushroom and Swiss Roethlis Burger Chili
Monangahela Monster

San Diego Chargers
Grilled Caesar Chicken Chili

San Francisco 49ers
Cioppino Chili
Samurai Mike Mockitori

Seattle Seahawks
Mocha Mole
Seattle Smoked Salmon Chowder Chili

St, Louis Rams
St. Louis Blues
Burger and a Beer

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tampa Cubana Chili

Tennessee Titans
Tenneesse Meat and 3 Chili

Washington Redskins
Pork Barrel Chili