Wow, entering our 8th year of chili making! We must admit, it's a LOT of chili. But we're excited about some new recipes for this season. And
we're excited about our 2015 Monsters of the Midway - John Fox as head coach should put some good defense back in our beloved Bears.
Bears Defense.  Ahh...that's a good sound!  So kick back for kickoff.  And let's get this party started!
Welcome to CFC 2015!!!
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Bears vs Packers
Maple Chipotle Chili

Whatever happened to Seneca Wallace?  Now THAT was a
good Bears vs. Packers game.  We got to discount the
smug-check that is known as Aaron Rodgers and on a
Monday Night game no less.  Granted, it's no "Fridge through
the middle" moment, but here at CFC we like to bask in ALL
of our victories.  Like Maple Chipotle Chili, for example.  Now
that's a BIG win.  Smoky BBQ pork tenderloin chili with
bacon, cheese, and a smooth low heat for these early days
of soon-to-be Autumn.  It's like a great meal in the
Northwoods, but without all of those pesky nearby Packers
fans.  Pretty simple in the ingredients and a great, very tasty
bowl of red.  Enjoy, baby!  This is good stuff!
Next Game:  Sunday, September 13th vs Green Bay, 12:00 CDT on FOX