We're back baby! And we've been waiting all year for football season. Seems cruel that they make us wait so long between games that count.  
Oh sure, we watch 4th and Loud on AMC, but this is no LA KISS.  This is smashmouth football and mouth-watering chili, together!  You wanted
the best - you got the best!  Our beloved Bears look a little different this year - we will most definitely miss Devin Hester and the level of
excitement he brought to the game.  We wish him all the best in Atlanta - except in week 6, of course.  But 2014 is upon us, and we are geared
up for the games.  Break out the chili pot, and put on your facepaint.  It's game-time!
Welcome to CFC 2014!!!
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Bears vs 49-ers
The Nacho
"I've written a my mind!"  "It's the best!  In the world!"
There's not much that we can learn from the film
Nacho Libre.  
In truth, you actually feel a bit dumber after having watched it.  
Kind of like last weeks game against the Bills.  But we need to
dust off our Luchador masks and get ready for the next battle
royale.  And this week, it's Jim Harbaugh's 49ers  lining up to
wrestle the Bears.  And as we all know, bad things happen
when you wrestle bears (see
Grizzly Man).  
Got a real crowd-pleaser for you this week.  They will be lining
up for more.  It has it all - fixins', crunch, and one nice bowl of
Mexican spice!  
Next Game:  Sunday, September 14th vs San Francisco, 7:30 pm on NBC