We're back baby! And we've been waiting all year for football season. Seems cruel that they make us wait so long between games that count.  
Oh sure, we watch 4th and Loud on AMC, but this is no LA KISS.  This is smashmouth football and mouth-watering chili, together!  You wanted
the best - you got the best!  Our beloved Bears look a little different this year - we will most definitely miss Devin Hester and the level of
excitement he brought to the game.  We wish him all the best in Atlanta -
except in week 6, of course.  But 2014 is upon us, and we are
geared up for the games.  Break out the chili pot, and put on your facepaint.  It's game-time!
Welcome to CFC 2014!!!
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Bears vs Falcons
Double Jack and Coke Chili

I don't know about you, but after the second half of
last week's game, I could use a drink.  And as I sat
there with Lynchburg's finest in hand, I thought about
this week's opponent - the Falcons.  The Falcons are
from Coca-Cola country, and something about being
down home inspires them to big scores.  Made me
think I might need to double up that drink.  And then I
thought that maybe I need to double-down on one of
my favorite "Around the League" chilies.  Heat and
Sweet, baby!  And now I'm ready for anything.
Next Game:  Sunday, October 12th vs Atlanta, 3:25pm on FOX